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CITYLIGHTS Budget and Ministry Plan

2020 was a year of incredible stretching for our church but also incredible ministry fruit! From moving out of our church home of 8 years at Camelot, to moving into a permanent church home at Sweetbriar, the Lord has been faithful and we have seen so much life happen within our community!

If you are a CITYLIGHTS Family Member we are inviting to pray about the budget and ministry plans below. On Sunday, January 10th we'll vote to affirm 2021 budget and plans below!

2021 Budget

Annual Cost: $280,260.33                     


- Missions - Global, Regional, Local - Benevolence - Church Member Health & Wellness


- Swamp Rabbit Properties - Maintenance, Upkeep


- Staff Salaries/Wages


- Ministry Support - Facilities, Communication, Technology


- Sunday Environment, Worship Nights, CityLife

*This budget was affirmed on January 10th, 2021 by a body of members of the church, staff and leadership.


Ministry Plan

How Will We Grow as a Family to Bless Neighbors and Nations?

Multiplying CITYgroups for Spring and Fall.


Spirit led prayer ministry in and outside the walls.


Deeper and wider ministry at Motel 6 and beyond.

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