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CITYLIGHTS Budget and Ministry Plan

What a great year of ministry we had in 2021! One thing we discovered about our church community is that WE LOVE SERVING. From the Motel and Apartment Ministries to our city-wide Serve Day back in September, from people in our church launching care ministries in their own neighborhoods to caroling for our Sweetbriar Neighbors, our people love to serve and we love serving with you. 

We are eager to continue serving and growing together as a CITYLIGHTS Family. Below, you'll find more info on the Budget for 2022 as well as our new Ministry Plan. Both of these Plans will be voted on by Family Members on January 23rd in our Family Meeting. If you are a Family Member, be sure to sign up for that so you can vote!

Follow = Hear and Practice

Family = Word, Bread, Prayer

Neighbor = Show and Tell

2022 Budget

Annual Cost: $337,000.00                     


- Missions - Global, Regional, Local - Benevolence - Church Member Health & Wellness


- Swamp Rabbit Properties - Maintenance, Upkeep


- Staff Salaries/Wages


- Ministry Support - Facilities, Communication, Technology


- Sunday Environment, Worship Nights, CityLife

*This budget was affirmed on January 23rd, 2022 by a body of members of the church, staff, and leadership.

Ministry Plan

CITYLIGHTS exists to be followers of Jesus devoted to building family, blessing neighbors, and bringing Good News to the nations.

First 20 Slides (November).png

In 2022 may we grow to be more devoted Followers,

a more devoted Family, and more

devoted Neighbors in the Gospel.


Followers - Those Who Hear and Practice the Word of God

  • Romans Series - Sunday mornings we will be studying through the book of Romans in a series called the Gospel: God’s Power for Salvation. 

  • Prayer Series - For our topical series in the Spring, we will do a series on Prayer called Our Father, meditating on the six statements Jesus makes as in the prayer he teaches his disciples.

  • Prayer Journals - This Spring we’ll update prayer journals to include spaces for listening, intercession, and surrender.


Family - Through Word, Bread, and Prayer

  • CG Leader Lunches - One Sunday a month CITYgroup leaders are provided lunch and time together for encouragement, strengthening, and training.

  • Upstate Church Collective - Oliver and Timothy will continue growing as leaders with Fellowship Greenville in their new leadership training initiative UCC.

  • Events - We are excited for some new events in the Spring to celebrate Easter and invite neighbors. We’ll also be supporting some informal spring events hosted by family members.

  • Elders and Deacons - Elders and deacons will continue working closely to grow in unity and clarity once a month.


Neighbors and Nations - Reached through the Showing and Telling of the Gospel

  • Mission Partners - Elders and Deacons will be identifying and introducing 1-2 new mission partners this year.

  • Apartment Ministry - Pray with us as we continue investing in our friends at the Apartment ministry to show and tell the Gospel.

Swamp Rabbit Property - We are aiming to present a Swamp Rabbit Property plan January 23rd during our family meeting.

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